Sewing Workshop

Established in 2003, the Kenya Community Education Project (KCEP) is a small charitable organisation based in Swansea, South Wales, London and Kenya.

Our group is based on education, empowerment and exchange. We initiate and/or support sustainable educational projects in a rural village in western Kenya. Our objective is to support Madungu community in developing their education resources and capacity. This will enable them to improve their access to education, skills and thus income and employability

KCEP grew out of a friendship developed in 1999 between Rebecca Reid on a four-month gap year scheme in Kenya before starting university.  Rebecca worked as a volunteer English teacher at a rural primary school and became good friends with one of her colleagues there, Elvis Ochieng. We believe in exchange and sustainability, not aid. We enjoy sharing cultures, ideas, knowledge and skills. We have just as much to learn from Kenyans and KCEP has proudly enabled over forty 16-18 year olds to do voluntary work in Kenya – a life-changing experience.

We have been based mainly in the local primary school and have achieved a great deal including running a feeding programme for vulnerable children, funding extra teachers, building a library and setting up a tailoring workshop. We also run a successful secondary school sponsorship programme. Currently, we are entering an exciting new phase and moving into adult further education by supporting local community based organisations (CBOs) and widening access to academic, vocational and agricultural training.

If you would like to help KCEP, we would love to hear from you!