Our Achievements

Some Achievements of the Kenya Project

  • Orphan Feeding Programme Since 2006, the orphan feeding programme has provided 130 vulnerable children with a free lunch of maize and beans every school day, enabling them to stay in school through the afternoon instead of leaving in search of food

  • Extra Teachers Since 2006, the KCEP has paid the salaries of 2 extra teachers. Recently, it has increased to three teachers

  • Electricity The Project paid for electricity to be brought from the main road to the school

  • The Sewing Workshop KCEP purchased 9 sewing machines and one embroidery machine, providing capital to establish a tailoring workshop to train members of the community in a trade and branching out into adult education

  • Visits to the School The Kenya Project UK has visited Madungu community in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013, enabling over 45 British students to visit Kenya. Whilst at the school, the volunteers enjoyed taking part in cultural exchange activities and workshops together with the Madungu teachers and pupils. Each trip has also had a specific focus, such as, to renovate the classrooms or set up a library

  • First School Library The Kenya Project has paid for the foundations of a new building to house the first school library. In April 2014, the building is nearing completion

  • Secondary School Sponsorship Since 2006, the KCEP has put kind and generous UK individuals in touch with Kenyan pupils who were unable to start secondary school through lack of funds for school fees. Since 2010, several of these students have been able to begin a university degree and some of them are now close to graduation. For Example, after graduating from Ambira Provincial school, Samuel Ochieng is now training to become a humanities teacher at Moi university