Sponsor a Pupil

Unfortunately, secondary school in Kenya is not free. It is inaccessible for many. Sometimes bright pupils excel in their end of primary school external exams and are either unable to go to a secondary school at all or to an understaffed under-resourced local school when they have qualified for a provincial grammar school. Since 2005, KCEP has run a separate sponsorship programme, which has put kind individuals and friends of KCEP in touch with a deserving pupils. Choosing one lucky pupil is a difficult decision. Although controversial, we believe it is better for one child to be sponsored than none. The teachers of the year 6 pupils self-select the highest achieving and most-deserving pupil, who would otherwise be unable to attend a provincial or sometimes indeed any school. This can be life-changing for the pupil.

Since 2005, several girls and boys have had all their tuition and full-board fees paid by kind individuals and organisations in the UK. Today, we are very proud that several of them are at university  and are nearing the end of degrees in, for example, aviation, mechanical engineering, teaching and computer science. If you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring a child through secondary school, please email us for more information.